5 Weird Color Combos That Totally Work

When decorating an apartment or home, many people naturally gravitate toward neutral wall colors and flooring, adding splashes of color through furniture and furnishings. But in recent years, home decorators have boldly thrown together unusual color combinations that capture attention in new ways. Because they’re so unique, they stand out in a sea of apartments decorated in beiges and browns.

Once you step outside of traditional choices, you can actually find some interesting color combinations that will make your rooms pop. Here are a few combinations that might not be your first choice, but they’ll work in a way that will refine your living spaces and make entertaining fun.

Pink and Black

There’s something very 1950s about this color combination, especially when pink is used as the dominant color. Designers have gotten bolder in recent years, choosing more vibrant pinks that cover more area. This color combination would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.

Orange and Blue

These colors seem as though they’re completely wrong for each other, yet the right shades can make all the difference. This home design photo demonstrates how mango can work beautifully with teal blue, even with multiple other colors thrown into the mix. The bright colors will also open up your rooms and create a bright, airy feel to your spaces.

Purple and Gray

Gray is an often-overlooked neutral color, but it has become trendy in recent months. Pairing it with deep purple can really make a room that stands out. You can choose to paint some of your walls in purple or keep most of the room gray, using splashes of purple to make your color statement. This color combination can look great in any room, even primary use rooms like a den or master bedroom.

Lime Green and Pink

Like the other colors, it might not have been a combination you’ve ever considered. But lime green and pink can work in a variety of ways. This color of green can really jump out at you, though, so be sure you know what you’re getting into if you decide to cover most of a large area in the color. Instead you might consider pink as your primary color and green for your furniture or accent pieces.

Navy and Yellow

Navy and yellow have become popular colors for weddings for good reason. The colors play off of each other well. The combination works best with richer colors of yellow, possibly a canary color. For dramatic effect, start by covering all of your room’s walls in navy and adding yellow furniture, with accent pieces that bring both colors together. The contrast will make the brightness of the yellow stand out, adding brightness to your living spaces.

Traditional color combinations can make a home look dated and dull. By freeing up your mind to accept the many other possibilities out there, you can give your space a unique look that endures for many years. Start with your own favorite colors and search for décor ideas that will make them work together, using one color as a primary and the other for furniture and accent pieces.