The 5 Best US Cities to Raise a Family

Whether you’ve already got kids or are considering having a family some time in the near future, you may have a move in the mind. After all, you ideally want your children to be raised in a safe, healthy, economically stable environment. When it comes to great schools, low crime rates, and plenty of opportunity for employment and extracurriculars, the following make the list for the 5 best cities in the US to raise a family.

Greenwich, CT


Not only is it one of the most affluent cities in the country, Greenwich is also one of the safest. In fact, the city is listed in the top five safest cities in the US, which moms and dads everywhere would appreciate. Greenwich is also home to an impressive school system, as well as limitless places for children of all ages to enjoy their spare time, both with their peers and with their families. Located in the heart of Fairfield County, Greenwich is home to an energetic culture that is made up of plenty of upper middle class neighborhoods, many of which are considered among the richest in the country.

Intertwined among these fabulous communities is a myriad of cultural gems, including a natural history museum, a symphony orchestra, and a choral society. And for parents that like living in more spacious suburbs but still need to commute to NYC to work, there’s a train that takes commuters directly from Greenwich to Manhattan’s Grand Central Station in under 45 minutes.

Franklin, MA

If you’re looking for the absolute safest city in all of the US, look no further than Franklin, MA. The east coast city, which has a population of about 35,000 residents, has the lowest crime rate of the 100 safest cities in the US, making it a fantastic choice for those who are raising a family. The school system is an excellent one, with a large number of students from the city’s Franklin High School regularly getting accepted to Ivy League schools and other top universities throughout the country.

The extracurricular activities in Franklin are a favorite among growing kids, offering seemingly endless opportunities for sports and recreational activities. The Feast of St. Rocco is among the city’s most endeared attractions, and involves four straight days of festivities that both children and their parents can enjoy. Only 40 years ago, Franklin was a rural farm town, a far cry from what it is today – a city that offers residents a greta housing market and a safe haven within which to raise a family.

Irvine, CA

The Golden State isn’t just home to celebrities and the Hollywood type. It’s also got a number of wonderful cities where parents can gleefully raise their kids. Enter Irvine, CA, which boasts a healthy economy with a never-ending supply of jobs – good news for working parents.

It’s also got and the lowest crime rate of all US cities with over 100,000 residents. In fact, a publication of Wall Street Journal praises Irvine as the “Best Run City” in the US. The city is home to a number of parks, public libraries, and even the well-loved Irvine Global Village Festival, an event that celebrates the diverse cultures of the city’s population.

Keller, TX

Keller is an prosperous city in Texas with a population of approximately 45,000 that’s only 32 miles north of the Fort Worth area. The city is known for having a particularly low crime rate – it’s 73% lower than the average in the state, and 68% lower than the overall average across the country. Keller has an excellent school system, with two of the city’s four high schools considered among the best in the entire country.

Keller is also known as one of the “Nation’s Richest Cities,” and is in driving distance to the economically powerful city of Dallas, where the employment landscape is ideal for those looking to commute for work. Keller is pretty much the perfect southern city to raise a happy, safe, and stable family.

Boulder, CO

Families who enjoy the great outdoors should look to the state of Colorado, and more precisely, Boulder. Who else wouldn’t enjoy waking up every morning to the glorious sights of the Colorado mountains, combined with an intellectual economy that’s supported by one of the greatest universities in the country: the University of Colorado Boulder. The state itself has frequently been touted as one of the top in the nation for excellence in school systems, and Boulder’s boasts many of the very best.

Parents will like hearing that the crime rate in Boulder is pretty low for a large city – it’s definitely well below national average. Boulder one of the best places to raise a family, and expose children to an intellectually-driven and diverse culture.

When it comes to low crime rates, exceptional schools, great housing markets, and strong economies, these 5 cities have it all. If you’re considering making a change to raise your kids in a healthy environment, these cities should be on your list.