These Halloween Window Decorations Will Make Your House the Spookiest House on the Block

Halloween brings out the kid in most homeowners, from costume parties to trick-or-treating with their own children. Fully participating in the festivities can be expensive, however, and it seems no matter what decorations a homeowner chooses, everyone else in the neighborhood is doing something similar.

Window decorations can be a great way to express your Halloween spirit from the inside of your house out. Whether used in combination with yard decorations or alone, these festive decorations will make Halloween night a little more fun for everyone who visits.

Window Decals

Gel clings are easy to apply, easy to remove, and they make your house look great. You can find them at most party supply stores and choose from a variety of options, including full-window clings or small clings that you can distribute between the many windows in your house. With the right window clings, when the lights are turned on behind them, the decals will make it look as though creatures, ghosts, and ghouls are actually inside your house.

You can take the frights on the road with the same window clings for your vehicle. Just place the window decals on a back window or anywhere else you want them, then remove them once the season is over.

Bloody Handprints

Bloody handprint stickers can make a home look as though bloody handprints have touched its surfaces. This might not be the best option if you’re concerned about scaring young children, but for parties and neighborhood get-togethers, these stickers can be a great way to add a little fun to the festivities. Bloody handprint window clings are also available at party supply stores.

If you want to tackle the project on your own, you can make DIY bloody handprints using glue, plastic wrap, and food coloring, along with a few other household items. It might be a fun project for older children, who will get a kick out of creating something creepy for the house.

Bloody Candles

Window candles are popular during the Christmas season, giving a home a festive, warm look. You can start the fun early by placing fake candles with blood in the windows of your home. They might look less than authentic up close, but your outside visitors will only be able to see the glowing red at the top of the candle when placed in the window.

If you have a window where it’s safe to light real candles, you can create your own bloody candle by melting the wax from a blood red candle onto one that is white. This project allows you to control the look of the bloodiness of the candle, making it a fun project. This is ideal for deep windows with plenty of ledge space

Finding a unique way to make your home look spooky for Halloween can be challenging. With these ideas, you can spice up the front of your house, capturing the attention of trick or treaters and passersby both before and during the scariest holiday of the year.

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